Rethink Enterprise Security

Information is moving in and out of organisations faster than ever before. Traditional boundaries are disintegrating, allowing users to work from anywhere and share enormous amounts of information globally. They expect immediate access to information when they want it, on whichever device they choose. And they expect it to be secure. Cloud computing offers attractive possibilities, including scalability, flexibility and continuity. But, for many information security remains a top concern.

Your employees, your partners and your customers want instant access to the information they need – now – no matter where they are, what time it is or which device they have in their hands. With the pervasiveness of personal mobile technology that is always on, always accessible and always connected, the 'consumerisation of IT' is changing the way we work and live.

To protect the company's core infrastructure, information and sensitive data, connectivity must be tightly controlled, data access must be secured, and the security of the device must be assured.

HPE's 360° approach to IT Security enables you to tackle these emerging challenges with ease. While other security solutions focus on threats and lock down information in order to protect it, our success is driven by viewing information differently. Taking a proactive approach, we ensure that technologies like Cloud and workplace mobility fit within and around the organisation while retaining the flexibility to respond to changing needs.

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